Windows 98 Made Easy

By Tom Sheldon and Dan Logan
Published June 1998.
596 pages, $24.95 US
ISBN 0-07-882407-9

Detailed Description
Table of Contents

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Updated: June, 1998

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These are the reviews of Windows 95 Made Easy. We'll post the Windows 98 Made Easy reviews soon.

"My all-around favorite book [on Windows 95] is not from Microsoft. It's Windows 95 Made Easy by Tom Sheldon." Gary Deckelnick, Home Computing Magazine.

"I found the book extremely well organized, clearly written and easy to understand. It's well worth the $27.95 list price." Peter Feigl, Software Book Review.

"...tasks are outlined, then described in detail without the wordy, slangy, space using humor of some texts, or the esoteric computerese of other experts. Tom Sheldon has put together a readable, usable book to use in learning Windows 95." Evan Tyrrell, P.C. Communicator.

"Windows 95 Made Easy is an easy to read book for beginners as well as intermediate level users. It contains a thorough description of the new operating system, and lots of helpful screen pictures. ...this book contains lots of useful information for the more experienced user as well." Sara Silverberg, PC Register.


Detailed Description

Learn Windows 98 the Made Easy Way!

Jump-start your Windows skills with books that give you more for your money! For the price of a beginner book, this comprehensive hands-on guide is packed with ways to master basic skills quickly and move ahead to take full advantage of Windows 98! Brief, no-nonsense chapters focus on real-life solutions rather than feature lists. How-to steps, detailed explanations, and practical Putting It To Work sections make each Made Easy book a complete learning system that provides an easy-to-use tutorial and skill building reference. Invest your time and money wisely -- start learning today the Made Easy way!

Windows experts Tom Sheldon and Dan Logan teach you the basics and beyond in this engaging, real world tutorial:

If you are looking for a Windows 98 roadmap, Windows 98 Made Easy's unique blend of gentle, go-at-your-own-pace tutorial, expert advice, and in-depth explanataions of operating system concepts will put you in the driver's seat.


Table of Contents

Part I, Getting Started

1 Windows 98 Visual Tour
2 Exploring the Windows 98 Interface
3 Performing Everyday Tasks
4 Learning More About Windows 98
5 Windows 98 Programs and Accessories

Part II, Personalizing Your System

6 Basic Settings
7 Customizing the Desktop, Start Menu, and Taskbar
8 Customizing Folders

Part III, File Systems: Local and Network

9 The Windows 98 File System
10 Working with the Windows 98 File System
11 Your Network Neighborhood

Part IV, Web Browsing and Communications

12 Internet Explorer
13 Active Desktop, Subscriptions, and Web Channels
14 Using Outlook Express
15 Newsgroups and Discussion Groups
16 Publishing Web Pages with FrontPage Express
17 Personal Web Server
18 Collaborating with NetMeeting
19 Mobile and Remote Computing

Part V, Configuration and Management

20 Managing Windows 98 Software and Devices
21 Managing Drives and Data
22 Optimizing, Updating, and Troubleshooting
A Setting Up Windows 98
B Getting Wired--Connecting to the Internet



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