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Internet Security:
Professional Reference

A New Rider Publication
With chapters by Tom Sheldon
Published August 1997
916 pages with CD-ROM
ISBN: 156205760X

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From the Press Release
Table of Contents

Updated: June, 1998

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This comprehensive reference details how Internet and network security is implemented and explains ways you can keep it from being violated. Inadequacies in current security products and setups are pointed out and strategies to overcome them are detailed step by step. Security issues such as daemons, auditing, IP spoofing and sniffing, firewalls, encryption, Java security, CGI security, and viruses are covered in thorough detail. Hands-on instruction of security tools such as SATAN, Kerberos, and PGP is also included. Whether you're planning to implement an Internet security system or optimize an existing one, Internet Security Professional Reference has all the answers you need!

From the Press Release

Internet Security Professional Reference, Second Edition, from New Riders, points out inconsistencies, weaknesses and breaches in existing computer security implementation and shows you step by step how to fix them.

Written by a team of experts in the computer security field, Internet Security Professional Reference, Second Edition takes a comprehensive look at Internet and network security. Aimed at intermediate- and advanced-level users and administrators, this thorough reference will guide readers to a new level of understanding and mastery. Users will learn how security is traditionally implemented, explore ways in which security checkpoints can be side-stepped by trespassers intent on doing harm and discover how to create a secure system to prevent future trespasses. In addition, they will explore spoofing, sniffing, kerberos, CGI security, viruses, UUCP, audit trails, PGP, TCP/IP, Java™, encryption, firewalls and SATAN. With this must-have resource, users will be better prepared to determine their own security requirements and assess the risks and advantages of changing the way they protect their systems.

The CD-ROM contains the shareware versions of all the utilities discussed in the book, including a complete listing of all Requests for Comments (RFCs) relating to Internet Security and six chapters from New Riders Windows NT Server 4 Security, Troubleshooting, and Optimization.

The authors, Tom Sheldon, Tim Myers, Joel Snyder, Wes Voss and Tim Petru, are respected computer professionals with expertise in the field of computer security. Tim Myers and Wes Voss are both senior software engineers at Novell. Tom Sheldon operates a computer lab with racks of networked systems that are used in his work as a software tester for Microsoft, Novell and other vendors. Joel Snyder is a senior partner with Opus One, a consulting firm in Tucson, AZ. Tim Petru is employed by a large networking software company and has done work in installation, support and development of networking products.

Table of Contents

Part I, Managing Internet Security
1 Understanding TCP/IP
2 Understanding and Creating Daemons
3 Using UUCP
4 Audit Trails

Part II, Gaining Access and Securing the Gateway
5 IP Spoofing and Sniffing
6 How to Build a Firewall
7 How to Buy a Firewall
8 SATAN and the Internet Inferno
9 Kerberos

Part III, Messaging: Creating a Secure Channel
10 Encryption Overview
11 PGP

Part IV, Modern Concerns
12 Windows NT Security
13 Java Security
14 CGI Security
15 Viruses

Part V, Appendices
A Security Information Sources
B Internet Security Reference

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