NetWare 4.1: The Complete Reference, Second Edition

by Tom Sheldon

1000 pages, ISBN: 0-07-882172-X, $39.95, Available Now

From the Press Release
Table of Contents

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Updated: June, 1998

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From the Press Release

With networks an integral part of everyday life for most people, why not make sure that you are getting the most from your system? With NetWare 4.1: The Complete Reference, Second Edition you will! You'll find comprehensive coverage and insider information in this one-of-a-kind sourcebook written by NetWare expert Tom Sheldon.

Totally revised and updated from the previous edition, NetWare 4.1: The Complete Reference, Second Edition covers NetWare Directory Services, the command structure, and the user interface in detail. You'll learn about the NetWare environment as well as interoperability, protocols, network topologies, hardware, and cabling systems. You'll also find useful ideas about managing your network once it's installed, and discover valuable insights about security, high-capacity storage systems, login scripts, connecting with LANs, and changing the configuration.

If you need to know about your Novell NetWare 4.1 system, then this is the one book you need to have. Turn to NetWare 4.1: The Complete Reference, Second Edition for superior information that is well organized, clearly written, and comprehensive.

Tom Sheldon is no stranger to the computer industry. Since the late 1970s, he has worked as a computer programmer, consultant, and network administrator. His articles have appeared in PC World, PC, and Byte magazines, and he has written more than 20 books including The Windows NT Security Handbook, The Windows NT Web Server Book, LAN Times Encyclopedia of Networking, the best-selling Windows 95 Made Easy, and the upcoming LAN Times Guide to Building Microsoft Networks. He is a certified network engineer, a member of Microsoft's Developer Network and he participates in Microsoft's beta testing program for network and Internet products. In addition, Tom is familiar to thousands of computer users who have learned by watching his best selling educational videotapes.

Table of Contents

Part 1, Overview of NetWare and Networking Technologies

Chapter 1, Overview of Networking
Chapter 2, Novell Networking Strategies
Chapter 3, NetWare 4.1 Feature Overview
Chapter 4, NetWare 4 Version and Update History
Chapter 5, NetWare Enhancement Products

Part 2, Understanding Network Technology

Chapter 6, Network Communication and Protocols
Chapter 7, Local Area Networks and Cabling
Chapter 8, Expanding Networks and Building Internetworks
Chapter 9, Wide Area Networking and Telecommunications
Chapter 10, Internetworking NetWare Networks

Part 3, NetWare Planning and Installation

Chapter 11, Introduction to NetWare Directory Services
Chapter 12, NetWare Directory Services Planning
Chapter 13, NetWare 4.1 Hierarchy and Security
Chapter 14, Equipment Planning and Setup
Chapter 15, NetWare Installation
Chapter 16, Post-Installation Procedures

Part 4, Managing NetWare Directory Services

Chapter 17, Using NetWare Administrative Tools
Chapter 18, Managing Users and Objects
Chapter 19, NDS Tree and Partition Management

Part 5, The NetWare File System

Chapter 20, Administering the File System
Chapter 21, Other Directory and File Commands
Chapter 22, Advanced Storage Management

Part 6, Managing the NetWare Environment

Chapter 23, NetWare Printing Services
Chapter 24, Login Scripts
Chapter 25, The NetWare Menu System
Chapter 26, Data Protection and Backup
Chapter 27, The NetWare Accounting System
Chapter 28, The NetWare Auditing System

Part 7, Monitoring and Maintenance

Chapter 29, Management Tools and Techniques
Chapter 30, Server Monitoring and Configuration
Chapter 31, Managing NetWare Disk Storage
Chapter 32, Managing Network Communications

Part 8, Other Solutions and Enhancements

Chapter 33, Communication Services for Remote/Mobile Computing
Chapter 34, Electronic Mail and Collaborative Environments
Chapter 35, NetWare Management Products


Appendix A, Upgrading Existing NetWare Servers
Appendix B, Managing Bindery Services
Appendix C, Client Installation and Management
Appendix D, Utilities and Commands for Users


"All in all, I like this book, and recommend it highly. I've left conversations with some engineers, opened the book, and discovered what was really being said. It is one book that will stay close at hand for me." Mark Naber, Sacramento PC Users Group

"This book is certainly thick enough to fend off most house pests. Written for users at all skill levels." ComputerWorld

"At more than 900 pages, this book contains information for most skill levels. The book is set up as a study guide that makes it fairly easy to look up information as needed." LAN Times Magazine

"NetWare 4.1: The Complete Reference, Second Edition offers the most complete and current information available on the latest version of Novell's flagship network operating system. ...This well organized, comprehensive sourcebook offers plenty of insightful explanations on Netware 4.1's new features and essential capabilities" Kansas City IBM PC User's Group

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