Security-related Web Links for Windows NT®

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Computer Operations, Audit, and Security Technology (COAST):

Eugene Ilchenko’s Network Security Library

Nick Galea's Windows 2000 Security page

Ken Pfeil NT Toolbox

JD Glasser’s NT Objectives site

Marcus Ranum's ultimate firewall description

Compaq Windows NT Security Enhancements

Harris STAT security test and analysis tool

Computer Research and Technology, National Institutes of Health Security World Wide Web (WWW) Sites

Computer Security Information (a good overall list)

Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell' NT utilities site, including tools such as NTFSDOS, NTRecover, NTLocksmith, ERD Commander, and others.

Counterpane Systems, Bruce Schneier's crypto site. Sign up here for crypto newsletter.

Computer Security Institute (a must see site):

Cybertek Archives (interesting and unusual stuff):

EFF "Privacy, Security, Crypto, & Surveillance" Archive:

Information Security Institute at George Mason University:

James M. Atkinson, Communications Engineer (LOOK HERE):

LSE Computer Security Research Centre:

NCSA Hotlinks Directory (HOT!):

NT Security News (formerly NT Shop). Up-to-date NT info and alerts. Very informative:

Raptor Systems' Security Library (Very Extensive!):

Ron Rivest's Cryptography and Security site (recommended):

RSA Data Security Systems:

Rutger's WWW Security References:

Safetynet's Virus software, alterts, and knowledge base:

Somarsoft's (Frank Ramos) excellent Windows NT Security Paper:

Telstra's Security Papers and Documents (very extensive!):

Jim Truitt's Security Links page

U.S. Department of Energy Computer Incident Advisory Capability (CIAC):

University of Auckland's Security and Encryption-related Resources and Links:

W3C Security Resources:

Windows NT Security FAQ

WWW Security FAQ:

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