Some of the Web sites have changes or have been removed from the Internet. If you canít get to a site, go to a search engine like and search for the name of the site given in the book.

Figure V-2 on page 1030 is incorrect. You can view an entire update for the topic with new pictures by going to the following Web site:
L2TP and Modems.

One of my favorite sites, Prof. Jeff MacKie-Masonís Telecom links has moved. Change the link on page 1114 to, then add it to your Web browser favorites. Here are two other good sites for linking to all sorts of networking technologies:

Other changes:

Page 900: the year 1977 in the second paragraph should be 1997.

Page 852: the last line (related to the bullet list on the next page) should read:

"The following information is used to set the metrics that the Dijkstra algorithm uses to calculate the shortest path."

Here is some additional information on this topic:

Note that automatic cost settings are usually based on bandwidth (or the cost is set to a default value), which may not be appropriate for some links, so administrators should closely evaluate links costs in order to obtain the most accurate path calculations."


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